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Wearable device for kid

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Create a new and happy parent-child interaction model, learning and daily life will be combined to allow children to learn the golden period, with JUMPY innovative and has many interesting features of children's wisdom Watches, let the children naturally learn to manage time, develop good habits, independent self-care life, so that children and their peers and family to establish a good interactive relationship, so that parents more understanding of the child's personality and interest in their growth process to give the most appropriate assist.

將學習和日常生活結合在一起,讓孩子在學習黃金期,藉由JUMPY 創新且擁有眾多有趣功能的兒童智慧手錶,讓孩子自然而然學會時間管理、養成好習慣、獨立自理生活、讓小朋友與同伴以及家人建立良好互動的關係,進而使家長更加了解孩子的個性與興趣,以在他們成長的過程給予最適當的協助。

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