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OTG for IOS device

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Taking pictures to record memory is part of our lives now, especially for traveler, to capture the beautiful moment anywhere anytime, using smart phone to do so is the quickest way and it’s the equipment always in hands.

U-master, the master of portable record device, combines camera and storage. Its lens is changeable for your needs, (package includes wide-angle lens and macro lens ).

U-master is designed for extending smartphone camera, also expanding smartphone storage, so there’s no need to worry about the storage insufficiency while going out.

This portable lens has no extra weight and simple-designed; users can easily put it in a pocket, a bag, or even carried by hands to become a Master of life.



U-master 隨身紀錄大師專為IPHONE設計,巧妙地結合了攝影與儲存兩種功能,並且設計可更換不同攝影需求之鏡頭 ( 備有廣角與微距兩款 ) .

U-master 的設計可作為 IPhone鏡頭的延伸,以及擴充手機的儲存容量,讓外出無須擔心手機儲存空間不足.


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